It has been estimated that the typical leader will spend around 50% of their time making decisions – of varying levels of importance and impact. It is also the case that people will assess the quality of a leader, in large part, by the quality of the decisions they make. Thirdly, and perhaps most uncomfortable is the fact that a single really bad decision by a leader can quickly negate a large number of better ones that went before it!

I am always surprised how few leaders have ever been given the most basic tools to help them make better decisions.  The majority seem to rely on ‘experience’, ‘gut-feel’ or ‘group think’ rather than any formal or informal process to ensure they are making the best decision possible. This is not process for the sake of bureaucracy – but a means of eliminating emotions, weak assumptions and personal bias – all of which can lead to poor decisions.

We have just finished working with a client to improve the decision making of their leaders. A single day workshop is enough to explain, demonstrate and then practice the QFOP model, which is a simple, intuitive tool that I have been using in various forms for over twenty years. I have seen QFOP used to decide when to invade a country, and also used to decide where to hold the office Christmas party- with equal success!

In the current economic climate, leaders are being asked to make some pretty tough decisions. Have you equipped them with the practical and useable tools they need to make the right ones? Get in touch if you want to discuss further – i would be more than happy to share more details.