Here is our list of the Nine key skills that any supervisor needs. The emphasis might vary depending on the specific organization – but we think this list is pretty comprehensive. We have also added a brief description of each of the skills – what do you think?


SMARTCODE is a tangible and measurable series of attributes that a leader must consistently demonstrate if they are to be successful. Proven through years of practical experience, it seeks to simplify the complex muddle of competencies, behaviours and skills often associated with leadership in complex academic models.
Not only is this a practical and proven system, it is deliberately simple and easy to remember. This permits the individual leader to continually measure themselves and ask, “Am I following the CODE that make me a SMART supervisor?”
No two organisations face the same challenges when it comes to selecting and developing their leaders, indeed the ever changing business environment demands a flexible approach. All of our training is underpinned by a realisation that an environment of continuous change, as well as always putting Safety first – are the non-negotiable constants.
In that spirit – we understand that a different emphasis on certain areas may be required for different organisations. The SMARTCODE program allows the flexibility to focus on particular areas – while maintaining the overall cohesion.