Emergency Management – Planning

By definition, we rarely know when the next emergency is going to occur or what form it will take, but what is certain is that those organizations that are prepared and trained for them will be far less affected than those that are not. What is also true is that during an emergency, your leaders will be tested as never before; as the old saying goes “Anyone can be a great captain when the seas are calm”!

Emergency Response Plans

We will create both site specific and corporate Emergency Response Plans (ERP) that are specific to your organization. An effective ERP is designed to protect your employees, the general public and the environment and keep the impact of an emergency as small as possible. We ensure that our plans conform to international standards in emergency and continuity management and meet all your regulatory requirements.

Business Continuity Plans

How quickly can you get your business back up and running after a disaster strikes? The future of your organization could depend on the answer.
We will help assess your organization and identify the critical services and functions that are essential to its survival. We can then prepare contingency plans for implementation during business interruption. IT provision is an obvious example but there are many other critical functions that you will need to maintain. Once you have a plan we will help you review it, distribute it and most importantly, test it to ensure it works.

Crisis Management Plans

A Crisis Management Plan is the communications and decision-making component of an overall Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

A thorough Crisis Management Plan facilitates rapid communication to ensure overall safety to both internal and external stakeholders.  It also incorporates policies and procedures to perform an impact assessment and a plan to control media interaction during an event or crisis.

“It was the practical instruction and having a subject matter expert who could relate the material to the real world that made this course stand out.”

Director Corporate Security

“The most useful part of the course was the dialogue we all had during the course and the ability to present real world examples and relate them to our specific environment.”

Director Emergency Management
University of Calgary