“It was impossible to get a conversation going, everyone was talking too much”

We use our extensive expertise to draw upon a group’s strengths, talents and capacities to design a path for reaching decisions and outcomes. Our inspiring facilitators will guide your meetings, events, training sessions and change initiatives based upon your desired outcomes. We will help change perspectives, imbue groups with ideas and energy, address the difficult issues, broaden the outlook and increase potential.

With hundreds of after-action or post-project reviews under our belt, we are ideally suited to help you analyze past performance and learn lessons for the future.

When should you use a Facilitator?

You should consider using a facilitator when you are:

  • Reviewing past performance to identify areas for improvement.
  • Needing to address conflict to resolve difficult issues.
  • Discussing strategy or developing strategic or operational planning.
  • Establishing action plans.
  • Managing organizational change.
  • Clarifying your vision, setting priorities and corporate goals.
  • Assessing your organization’s present state.
  • Building a high performing team.
  • Collaborating to develop partnerships.
“The facilitator was awesome.  I don’t think we would have made the decisions without him.  He knew exactly how to get us through to the solution by a carefully crafted combination of encouragement and kicking us in the pants when we needed it!”

HR Director
Nova Chemicals

“This was a tough crowd, but Stuart got us through the agenda with everyone having their say and us achieving our agreed objectives – an impressive performance.”

Senior Project Manager
Murphy Oil