Safety Leadership

“The real enemy of safety is not non-compliance, but non-thinking”

Effective safety can only come from effective leadership.  Forms and policies are simply the tools to enable safety.  Without the ability to communicate, act upon the vision, provide meaningful feedback and have the moral compass to act where necessary, the value of these tools is diminished.

Leadership is about changing people’s behavior and simply policing safety has never been a particularly effective technique for changing behavior. We focus on showing your leaders how to provide the positive recognition required to encourage repeat behaviours, setting clear expectations and providing the coaching or feedback for those who do not meet those expectations.

Do You Need Safety Leadership Training?

You should consider safety leadership training when you need to:

  • Establish or reinforce safety as an integral part of your corporate culture and values.
  • Clarify the organization’s expectations of leaders as to their role in delivering world class HSE leadership.
  • Improve leaders’ abilities to provide recognition to reinforce positive behaviour.
  • Communicate to leaders how to set clear expectations for their team as to the standards required.
  • Develop the coaching ability of leaders to allow them to bring their teams to the required standard.
“The facilitation has been first class and the ability to speak from personal leadership experience adds huge credibility.”

Manger Training and Development
Calfrac Well Services

“At last! an instructor who can turn the theory into practical advice that i can put into action.”

HSE Manager
Packers Plus