Our Approach

We believe the best people to deliver leadership training are those that have been leaders themselves. Our consultants each have a minimum of 20 years’ experience leading teams ranging in size from a few people to a few thousand. We have studied the academic theory, but it is our extensive practical knowledge gained from years of hands-on leadership within manufacturing, oil & gas and military sectors, that makes us different and allows us to maximize your investment.

Based on the tailored skills and competencies your business requires for success, our solutions are a refreshing mix of tried and tested leadership theory reinforced with practical exercises to enhance development. We also endeavor to keep your costs to a minimum without compromising quality and will help you measure your return on investment. Sandhurst Consulting utilizes its own proven leaders to work with you to design and deliver custom built solutions for your company.

Our tried and tested 4 stage process works for most situations – although like everything we do – it is open to adaptation:



This is the listening stage, where we make sure that we fully understand your requirement and all the factors that may influence the optimum solution for you. Getting to know your organization could range from discussions with key personnel, to field visits to company locations, to fully understand your culture and the way you do business.


Once we have the initial requirement, the influencing factors and desired outcomes, we will add our own experience and ideas and design a proposed solution for you. Before we go too far, we will present these ideas to you for your approval and suggestions.


Having had your agreement that we are on the right lines, we will then fully develop the solution for you. Depending on the complexity, there may well be further regular updates to get your feedback and suggestions.


Finally, we will handle the delivery – or if you prefer we can run a comprehensive ‘train the trainer’ program so your own staff can take over the material. What we won’t do is charge you any ‘usage’ or licensing fees. Once we hand the finished product over to you – it is yours to do what you like with.