Emergency Management

Our comprehensive Emergency Management services incorporate both planning and training to ensure you can effectively respond.

Business Continuity

We can assist in identifying your risks and putting plans in place that will limit the damage to your business when disaster strikes.

Leadership Development

We provide customized, practical, hands-on leadership training for all levels that will have real impact on your organization.

Security Management

We are ready to help you protect the most important elements of your business by effectively managing risk.

Why choose Sandhurst Consulting

We want to provide what is best for the client – not what is easiest for us. We will not ask you to fill out standard templates that do not work for you. We see it as a true partnership to provide exactly the product you require.

All our facilitators have hands on real experience rather than just academic theory. The best instructors are those who have done it themselves. We also make every effort to stay relevant and current by continuing to deploy to real incidents whenever possible.

We really strive to live by our values with accountability at the top of our list. Accountability is everything to us – if we say we will do something by a certain time – then you can count on us doing just that.

We are proud to be hands-on problem solvers and are constantly looking for new and more efficient ways of doing things. Our quick adoption of virtual training and exercises as well as other response tools has made us an industry leader in these areas.

We believe trust is the bedrock of any relationship. We provide clear and transparent estimates with no hidden extras or dubious change orders.

Exercises and training courses are more than just ticking the regulatory box to us. They are a way to bring the plans to life and prepare future responders for any eventuality by providing the most realistic training possible.

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