Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Disruptions to your business’s operations can happen. Preparing your organization to respond to an emergency affecting your operations is our top priority. We will work closely with your organization to identify threats, critical functions and services, and strategies that will enable your business to recover from impacts to your operations. Sandhurst has successfully supported the development of Business Continuity Programs for companies sized from 150 – 15,000 employees and up to 500 lines of business.

Program Assessment & Audit

The most effective business continuity programs are ones that are implemented across the organization, remain current, comply with industry regulations, and align with standards and best practices. Sandhurst can provide a program assessment or audit of your business continuity program and will provide recommendations that will improve your organization’s ability to respond to and recover from disruptions and emergencies.

Risk Assessment

We offer comprehensive risk assessments that will identify your exposure and vulnerability to constant and emerging threats to your operations. We use best practices to perform risk assessments and work with your business units to ensure the necessary information is captured.

Business Impact Analysis

The Business Impact Analysis is the cornerstone to an effective plan. We work closely with your organization to identify the impacts of a disruption or emergency on your operations, finances, and reputation; which will enable the creation of strategies to prepare for and mitigate against these events.

Business Continuity Plans

We will assist your organization in the development of one or several aligned business continuity plans. We will assist you in developing strategies that enable your critical functions to remain operating until your services are recovered and restored to normal levels. Once you have a business continuity plan, we will help you review it, distribute it and most importantly, test it to ensure it works.

Training and Exercises

Need training on your BCP or Incident Command System? Training sessions can be used to help your organization understand that business disruptions and emergencies happen, how to use a business continuity plans, and how to respond to an emergency. Sandhurst will work with you to design a training program that meets your needs and prepares your staff to respond.
We have experience developing and conducting exercises of all types. Whether you want to test one strategy, a single or multiple business units, or multiple agencies we can design a realistic exercise that meets your requirements. We can provide a post exercise report or a competency assessment of key personnel and will provide any recommendations for improvement to enable the continuous improvement of your program.