Amulet Response App

Why choose Amulet Emergency Response App?

Provides a rapid means of activating personnel and communicating across all levels of a response. 

  Simple, intuitive and completely confifigurable to meet your specific needs. 

  Secure messaging through group or one on one chats. 

  Activations and notifications are delivered through various methods including push, email, and text. 

  Locate responders prior to and during an incident. 

  Client managed allowing you to control the content and the structure. 

  Run independent of existing IT infrastructure or be integrated with it. 

  Secure storage of information on ISO certified servers. All information stored can be easily archived to support legal and post-incident investigations. 



Amulet can be configured to emulate your own processes and structure.

Easy Training

The straightforward, intuitive interfaces allow staff to rapidly become skilled end.


Amulet provides tools and processes that can be used in routine day-to-day activities.

Cost Effective

Only pay for the features you need.

Activation and Notification


Amulet’s easy to use interface allows responders to quickly activate and notify the appropriate response teams within your organization.

The activation screens prompts responders to include pertinent information including their location, incident details, and any images from the scene.

Confifigurable event types allow specifific groups to be activated according to the event. The app can be confifigured to send notififications via text, email, and noisy push alerts.

Rapid Information Exchange


Once teams have been notified, Amulet allows users to see in real time who has accepted the call to action and can bring the team together to respond.

Responder location can be identified on notification to allow enhanced dispatch and situational awareness.

Secure messaging enables responders and command personnel to manage information effectively and securely send incident photos and documents. Communication history can be rapidly exported for Invoicing, Post Incident Reporting, Legal and regulatory follow up.

Responder Resources


You can select what resources your responders will find most relevant for use in the app. Sandhurst has a team that can work with you to design custom resources that will provide value during an emergency.

The app allows resources to be configured for different response groups and the app can be updated in real time with no user interaction required.

Resources can include media statements, assessment tools, external contact lists, role guide, initial actions, and hazard-specific response procedures.