Emergency Management


Natural disasters, pandemics, cyber incidents, and operational incidents can all cause emergencies. Planning is a cornerstone in Emergency Management. A coordinated approach to emergency management planning will strengthen the capacity to prevent, protect against, respond to and recover from major disasters and other emergencies. We can help with all aspects, including conducting Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, creating response plans, measuring performance through Key Performance Indicators, or measuring the competency of staff performing in key roles.



The development of Emergency Response Plans is key to guide your response. Sandhurst has experience in the development of Emergency Response Plans from small to complex organizations across multiple sectors, both private and public. All our plans are written to best practice, comply with regulatory requirements, and ensure they are fit for purpose and practice.

Training and Education

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Training is one of the key strengths of Sandhurst Consulting and we believe we offer the best training and exercise events in North America. We work closely with all our clients to customize content to reflect how their organization conducts operations.

Our Team comes from a variety of backgrounds and offers decades of experience and a breadth of knowledge that is unparalleled. Whatever your training requirements are, we almost certainly have the instructor to meet your needs.

 We offer emergency management training on a diversity of topics, including:

ICS Canada Certified Courses (ICS 100-400)

ICS Aligned Courses

ICS Role-Specific Courses

Public Protection

On Scene Supervisor

Crisis Communications

Emergency Social Services

Virtual Incident Command Post and Virtual Emergency Operations Centre

After Action Review Training

Exercises and Validation

Whether you need an exercise to test your emergency response plan, business continuity plan, emergency social services, or public protection measures, we will work with you to design an exercise to fit your needs.

At Sandhurst consulting we believe in taking a building-block approach when introducing teams to emergency exercises. This allows teams to progress through a series of exercises designed to enable confidence and learning in participants.

We have experience running exercises of all types and complexities and strive to create a training event that will exceed your expectations. We have worked organizations large and small and from a variety of industries including utilities, oil and gas, municipalities, education, and food services.

Our emergency exercises are designed to meet regulatory requirements and offer an opportunity for your staff to apply their knowledge in a realistic and safe environment. We offer a wide range of exercise types including:


Tabletop Exercises

Functional Exercises

Full-Scale Exercises