Security Management

Does your organization have the plans, resources, and training required to effectively manage and respond to security incidents?

Sandhurst’s comprehensive Security Management services incorporate both planning and training to ensure you can effectively respond to security incidents at your organization.

Risk assessments and planning

Sandhurst will assist in building your security management program to best fit the purpose of managing your risk portfolio.

Sandhurst utilizes best practices and security standards to build your program around the budget cycle; allowing your senior leadership the foresight of how your risk is managed effectively and fiscally.

We have experienced facilitators ready to test your plan and train your team in conflict management, role competency, bomb threat, and active assailant response.

Travel risk management for staff

The development of travel management policies, and procedures is key to guide your

As an employer, you have a duty of care for employees traveling overseas, but not all are aware of what measures to take to identify and mitigate risks in a cost-effective and meaningful manner.

Sandhurst assists in enhancing staff safety and business continuity by providing a range of travel risk management services.

Workplace Investigations

When a security incident occurs at your organization, you can trust Sandhurst Consulting to conduct a thorough investigation.

Whether preventative or problem and solution-focused, Sandhurst is dedicated to protecting our clients’ from losses that can be caused by industry-specific threats.

Our skilled and experienced team of professionals consistently develops sophisticated strategies to address complex challenges and provide high-quality investigative results.