Paul Flavell

Paul Flavell


Senior Associate • Emergency Management

Paul Flavell retired from the British Army in 2011 having served in some of the most challenging environments in the world, including Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Sierra Leone and Iraq. He has also worked with, and led, teams of humanitarian agencies, civilian contractors and emergency services on numerous occasions.

Along with his extensive leadership experience in crisis environments, Paul has wide experience as an operations manager, strategic planner and is also an accomplished trainer and coach. He has planned and executed training at every level from individual through to large teams of over 1000 individuals with numerous platforms. His experience has also involved the training and mentorship of junior, middle and senior management positions.

He has also planned and conducted specialist anti-terrorist training for both domestic and international audiences, and hostile environment courses for media agencies and civilian businesses.

He is a skilled major event planner and has been instrumental in planning and executing numerous high profile major events. He has extensive experience in all domains of simulation; virtual, constructive, and physical to support training and planning activity.

On retiring from the Army, Paul took his extensive operational leadership and training portfolio into the civilian workplace and became a successful director of training programmes for a US defence contractor. This position saw Paul supporting military, first responders, and civilian agencies in the US, UK and Canadian markets with world leading training, simulation and mentorship.

He has also widened his education and training portfolio into the Emergency Management (EM) arena; he is qualified ICS instructor with extensive on-site and ICP level mentorship experience. He has a particular interest in working with remote communities in Northern Canada and First Nations.

Educated at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and Cranfield University, Paul holds a master’s degree. Paul is a volunteer with Team Rubicon Canada and is an active supporter of veteran’s charities.