Tara Tobler

Tara Tobler


Associate Director • Business Continuity

In addition to 15 plus years of project management, audit and process improvement experience, Tara has over 10 years dedicated experience in all aspects of business resilience, including business continuity, crisis management, and emergency response.

Tara has been involved in several Business Resilience Program developments which have included an assessment of existing program capabilities, followed by fit for purpose program delivery that is aligned with organizations objectives and priorities.

She has also developed and conducted multiple exercises in business continuity, emergency response and crisis management at all levels of organizations to provide training and ensure that the plans effectively provide for continuity of services during a variety of business disruptions.

Tara has worked with companies across various industries, including municipalities, post-secondary education, health care, oil and gas, manufacturing and technology.

One of Tara’s key strengths is her ability to build solid, trusting relationships with her clients. Many clients continue to engage her services for program enhancements or maturity development, ongoing maintenance and exercises, or simply seek her advice.

Tara is a recognized leader in business resilience and is an active community contributor. She has been involved in the Disaster Recovery Information Exchange (DRIE) West chapter since 2010 and has been chapter President since 2014.

In 2020 she was the subject matter expert contributor to a new course within NAIT’s Crisis Management Essentials Certificate for CADEM (Centre for Applied Disaster and Emergency Management) program.