World Petroleum Congress Calgary September 17-21, 2023

world petroleum congress
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Sandhurst is getting ready to attend the 24th World Petroleum Congress (WPC)!

As part of our preparation for the event, being mindful of the increased risk to the safety and security of our staff is top of mind. The last time Calgary hosted the WPC was in 2000. The event drew roughly 1500-2500 protesters to the downtown core with rallies held around the city.

While Calgary Police Services will be bolstering their resources during this time, we think it is also pertinent for our clients to start implementing preparedness measures to plan for an increased risk of disruption and potential for protests in the downtown core.

Events like the WPC being hosted in Calgary tend to draw the attention of activists who oppose energy companies and their activities around petroleum production. While not every petroleum producer or company affiliated with production are targets of these activists, it is important to be prepared if you become a target.


  • If you have a security department or advisor, they should be in touch with other companies, the Calgary Police Services (CPS) and/or the RCMP. Any credible specific or general threats and related intelligence will be disseminated through these channels.
  • If you do not have a security department or advisor, it is advisable to reach out to the CPS or other contacts to open a dialogue to learn of any general or specific threats in relation to your organization or others who may share office space in your building.
  • Be sure to liaise with your property management company and know what they will be doing during the WPC in addition to any daily security measures for property access.
  • In the days and weeks leading up to, and during the conference, be aware of any activities in relation to your property/office areas that are not “normal” – report it if something seems out of place.
  • Ensure all staff who have access to your offices are using their access cards and wearing them while in the office.
  • Ensure no person’s “tailgate” through secure access points behind a staff member who swipes in. If someone does try to tailgate you, be confident in conducting a friendly challenge to any person not wearing their employee ID.
  • Ensure visitors to your offices are properly registered and wearing visitor identification at all times. Ensure they are accompanied by a staff member if that is your policy.
  • If a credible threat is identified for your office, determine if you should have only essential staff members come in to work and activate work-from-home procedures for non-essential staff.
  • While unlikely, in the event activists do occupy your office, do not engage them in a physical altercation. Call 9-1- 1 and advise the emergency operator what is happening. Advise all staff to shelter in a safe location away from the activists until the police arrive. Ensure a person with authority meets the police and provides them direction.


Should you need assistance navigating these updates or want more insights, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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