Leadership Development

Leadership training helps develop competent leaders who can effectively guide and inspire their teams

Good leaders are essential for maximizing productivity, achieving goals, and maintaining positive work environment.

Organizational Leadership

Winning companies win because they have good leaders who nurture the development of other leaders at all levels of the organization.

With decades of real world experience leading teams in the field and the board room, our facilitators are uniquely capable of relating to your employees.

Based on the tailored skills & competencies your business requires for success, our solutions are a refreshing mix of tried and tested leadership theory, reinforced with practical exercises to enhance development.

We aim to engage your leaders in a dialogue, to develop them into exceptional leaders, rather than merely train them to be average.

When Should You Consider Leadership Development?

You should consider Leadership Development when your organization:

  • Seeks innovative and critical thinkers.
  • Needs to improve the retention of your employees.
  • Needs to improve employee engagement, customer satisfaction and productivity.
  • Is implementing change or looking to improve company culture.
  • Needs to build your leadership base for long-term growth and succession planning.
  • Seeks to empower future leaders with the skills and knowledge they’ll need to be successful.
  • Endeavours to improve the performance and communication skills of your leaders.

Leadership Courses

Sandhurst offers best in class leadership assessments that can be used to inform staffing decisions and will allow you to maximize your investment by either developing global or specific, individually tailored, training solutions.

Sandhurst uses live role-players to simulate real-world conditions and maximize the learning experience for our clients. The aim of our leadership assessment is to provide that self-awareness to individuals.

Our techniques provide both the organization and the individual with a unique picture of an individual’s present state and future development needs. It permits organizations to maximize their investment by either developing global or specific, individually tailored, training solutions.