Safety and Contractor Management

“The real enemy of safety is not non-compliance, but non-thinking”

Contractor Management

Sandhurst Consulting can be your partner in developing a contractor management program that will enable your organization to increase efficiency, reduced risks, and lead to successful project outcomes for the organization. 

We understand that contractor management is a critical aspect to the safety of your operations. We’ll work with you to monitor and evaluate the performance of contractors to ensure they meet your standards and deliver quality work consistently.

Whether you have a new project coming on board, want to free up internal resources, or need help optimizing costs, Sandhurst Consulting can help you achieve your goals.

When should you consider contractor management?

When your organization seeks to:

  • Mitigate potential risks associated with contractor performance, safety incidents, or project delays.
  • Improve efficiencies by delegating contractor management tasks to experts.
  • Standardize the evaluation process and ensure consistent quality across projects.
  • Collect data on key performance indicators.

Safety Leadership

Without effective leadership, safety performance will be limited. Sandhurst Consulting develops and delivers individually tailored, best in class, Safety Leadership Training that will enhance your overarching Safety goals.

To be an effective safety leader, people need understand the context and be equipped with real world, practical tools to enable them to meet your safety goals.

Our Safety Leadership Training aims to ensure that your people are sufficiently equipped to implement effective safety leadership methods in the workplace. Our courses provide participants with the opportunity to apply these methods through experiential learning techniques.

When should you consider Safety Leadership?​

When your organization seeks to:

  • Establish or reinforce safety as an integral part of your corporate culture and values.
  • Expand the organization’s expectations of leaders as to their role in delivering world class HSE leadership.
  • Improve leaders’ abilities to provide recognition to reinforce positive behaviour.
  • Communicate to leaders how to set clear expectations for their team as to the standards required.
  • Develop the coaching ability of leaders to allow them to bring their teams to the required standard.