Safety Leadership

“The real enemy of safety is not non-compliance, but non-thinking”

Organizations look to us for best in class leadership assessment to inform staffing decisions by ensuring you place the right people into the right positions and at a time when they are ready to take the challenge. Getting it wrong can be costly for both your business and the individual concerned. Rather than the standard online 360 assessment, we prefer to use practical assessments where an individual’s actual behaviour is observed. Years of experience in selecting leaders have confirmed to us that this is a more effective way of assessing potential, but we will tailor our solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Truly effective leaders develop a level of self-awareness and a capacity to monitor their development needs, because they know where their shortfalls are. The aim of our leadership assessment is to provide that self-awareness to individuals. Our techniques provide both the organization and the individual with a unique picture of an individual’s present state and future development needs. It permits organizations to maximize their investment by either developing global or specific, individually tailored, training solutions.

Do You Need Safety Leadership Training?

You should consider safety leadership training when you need to:

  • Establish or reinforce safety as an integral part of your corporate culture and values.
  • Clarify the organization’s expectations of leaders as to their role in delivering world class HSE leadership.
  • Improve leaders’ abilities to provide recognition to reinforce positive behaviour.
  • Communicate to leaders how to set clear expectations for their team as to the standards required.
  • Develop the coaching ability of leaders to allow them to bring their teams to the required standard.