Change Management

“People don’t resist change, they resist being changed!”

It is inevitable and yet many businesses struggle when the time comes to implement and enact change – indeed statistically, 70% of all change initiatives will fail. Whether it’s reducing costs, enabling an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, preparing for a merger / acquisition or transforming the business strategy, the complexity of a change programme can expose you to significant risks.

People can often be supportive of new changes, but resistant if that change directly impacts them. Our approach focuses on solutions beyond the basic structures required to enable the change.  We deliver the mechanisms to plan the resources, structures and management to enable transformations that meet your specific goals and outcomes.

We do this by focusing on your people. These strategies will share the vision of change, empower and inspire your people to lead the change.  Implementing change requires people at all levels to change their behaviour.

When Do You Need to Manage Change?

Here are some of the challenges we help our clients address:

  • Kick-off – we help leadership teams identify the best approach to implementing the change and agreeing the roles and behaviours required from them as change agents.
  •  Alignment – we support the leadership team in building a clear and shared understanding of what the change is, and provide simple ways for them to explain it.
  • Readiness assessment – we identify potential sources of resistance and key enablers for our clients’ change. We then support the client in managing these factors and equipping people for the change.
  • Stakeholder management – beyond the obvious stakeholders, we identify the key individuals and audiences whose support our clients cannot do without.
  • Planning – our clients often find that a significant change creates a gravitational pull that draws other work, issues and priorities into the project. We help our clients manage what does and does not fall into the scope.